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Brompton Dynamo Set SV8 Black

  • Brompton Hub Dynamo kit comprises the SP (Shutter Products) SV-8 hub dynamo, replacement 16 inch front wheel in black, front and rear lights, cables, front mounting bracket and instructions. The SP SV8 is a small, lightweight dynamo hub; it is built into the Brompton front wheel to provide the power for front and rear lights.

    Hub Dynamo Set includes:

    • Lights and connectors
    • The front light is a B+M (Busch and Müller) Lyt BN Plus- producing approx 25 lumens of power
    • On / off control is via a switch on the back of the front lamp
    • The light has an integral cable for connecting to the hub dynamo on the front wheel
    • The rear light is a Spanninga Solo single LED light with built in reflector
    • It has a stand light function - so it remains on for approx 4 minutes after stopping (useful at traffic lights so you are not left in the dark)
    • The light is held in place with two self tapping screws (included)
    • A wiring loom is included for connecting the front light to the rear light


    Wheel / hub / rim tape:

    • Wheel: Brompton 16 inch radially laced wheel
    • Wheel: SP (Shutter Precision) SV-8
    • Rim tape: Yellow



    • Front light fixing (replaces the existing reflector if one is fitted)
    • Axle fittings for front wheel
    • Zip / cable ties for securing the wiring


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